Paths to Social Deviance and Conformity. A Model of the Process

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Serves three purposes. First, to develop a model of deviance that synthesizes existing knowledge about it. Second, to offer a model with empirical content for testing. Third, to engage students in the process with attention to the concepts and general knowledge scattered through the literature. The variables used to develop the model fall into three major categories: personality, culture, and social structure. Each category is elaborated, and each factor is explored to establish empirical content. Combining the three categories permits the evaluation of general propositions on conformity and deviance.


". . . it is in the area of developing a testable model that this approach is worthy of special attention. By forcing a wide array of findings and observations into a related set of formulations Rudoff sets the stage for theory testing at almost every level -- broad major theorems can be tested with equally encompassing statistical measures; or, the theory can be focused down to specific acts in defined situation with clearly predicted responses that can be checked." -- A.C.R.I.M. Newsletter

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