Pan - Africanism and Its Detractors a Response to Harvard's Race-Effacing Universalists

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As it has been in the past, Pan-Africanism is today a target of ferocious assaults by its detractors. Bloodied by global capitalist forces opposed to Africa's unification and volarization, it has also been assaulted in the name of 'Christianity' and in the cause of Marxism. And now it faces new assaults at the call of cultural universalism. These latest attacks, unleashed from Harvard University's Department of Afro-American Studies, variously belittle the salience of race, deny the reality of race altogether, and trivialize or repudiate African history. This book provides rigorous and comprehensive intellectual rebuttals to these attacks. It will interest those in African and African-Diasporan Studies, Race and Ethnic Politics, Studies in Race and Class, and studies in Ideology and Politics.

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