Organizational Change, Environmental Uncertainty, and Managerial Control in a Large Post- Reform American Prison System

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During the 1980s and 1990s, American corporations claimed that the deployment of technology was leading to a more decentralized workplace. In fact, argues Gorton (criminology, U. of Northern Iowa) the exact opposite took place. He examines whether a similar phenomenon took place in a large prison system in Texas and
discusses whether organizational the external environment of the wider organizational world affected change in the prison. He answers both questions in the affirmative


“...a thorough and intriguing overview of how one of America’s largest public institutions - the Texas prison system - has adapted to court-ordered reform...the only work today that offers practitioners and scholars a detailed look at the impact of major organizational restructuring on post reform prison management and operation in the era of ‘high tech’information processing systems.”Susan A. MacManus

“... employs a sophisticated set of methods to generate interesting historical, qualitative, and quantitative data; these multifaceted techniques serve the author well in conducting an evaluation of organizational change in the Texas State prison system in the wake of important legal mandates intended to change a system of corrections predicated on the abuse and exploitation of inmates.” Dennis L. Peck

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