Injustice of an American Urban Correctional Facility: A Prison Teacher’s Report

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Many Americans are unaware of the rising problem of mass incarceration and its inevitable cost to the taxpayer. This study addresses this escalating issue and advises that change will only occur when we realize that applying appropriate educational resources toward this dilemma will enable inmates to receive the necessary job skills and training that will keep them from returning to our over-crowded prison systems.


“The POW’s of our war on drugs reside in state and federal prisons across this land. Depending on sources sited, the current toll is anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 million, wasted lives institutionalized often for minor offenses that should never have been criminalized in the first place… sending the transgressor back into the community without the skills and attitudes necessary to build a future is a futile endeavor… Perhaps we would be better served to send a war on drugs POW to college considering the dollar costs for annual incarceration often equant or exceed, a year in our university system.”
-Rich Moreland,
Adjunct Professor of History

Table of Contents

Foreword: Rich Moreland
Author’s Preface
Finding Hope Amidst Despair
Chapter 1: Inmates: Voices Begging to be Heard
Chapter 2: The Correctional Officers and Encroachment on Human Rights
Chapter 3: The Fallout of the War On Drugs: Exposing the Problem of Mass Incarceration
Chapter 4: Racial Profiling: A Mounting Social Issue
Chapter 5: Mohandas Gandhi and the Role of Civil Disobedience
Chapter 6: Exploring Social issues inside the Classroom
Chapter 7: “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”

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