Post-War Riots in America, 1919 and 1946. How the Pressures of War Exacerbated American Urban Tensions to the Breaking Point

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A detailed examination of riots in Washington, D.C., and Omaha, Nebraska, in 1919 and in Athens, Alabama, and Athens, Tennessee, in 1946, including assessment of the reasons why local police were unable to quell the riots without assistance from outside authorities in all four cases.


"Williams places the riots in the context of post-war social change . . . . The book should appeal to those interested in twentieth-century American political and social history, urban history, and black history." - Andrew J. Dunar, in Scholarly Research and Review

". . . superbly chronicles the events surrounding [the riots under study] . . . . Williams has produced a well-documented, systematic, and comprehensive analysis . . . that significantly contributes

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