On the Erudition of the Historical St. Patrick

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This monograph supports and advances the revolutionary views of Celtic scholar David R. Howlett. This work discusses points such as the compositional skill level of the historical St. Patrick and the thematic level of understanding in his use of a pentagonal structure of the Pentateuch, as well as the five collections of the sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of St. Matthew on which he likely modeled the thematic structure of his Confession according to Howlett. This monograph demonstrates that the historical St. Patrick might well be considered not only as a first-rate Biblical theologian but as a wise monastic spiritual director versed in moral and pastoral theology.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword; Preface; Introduction
Patrick as Mathematical Biblical Scholar Poet?
Patrick as Eastern Christian Monastic Pastoral Ethicist?
Patrick as Philosophical Ethicist?
Patrick as Legal Mind, Arbitrator and Codifier?
Conclusion; Photographs; Maps
Appendix I: Chronology on the Erudition of the Historical St. Patrick
Appendix II: Celtic British Periods of Lifetime (St. Patrick’s Diction)
Bibliography; Index

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