Notables of Harrison County, Ohio

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Biographies of the many notables who were born in or sojourned in Harrison County, from diplomats to film stars, including Clark Gable, George Armstrong Custer, John A. Bingham, and Mary Jobe Akeley.. With many illustrations.


". . . he has created a model of contemporary historical scholarship and treasure trove of information for students of Ohio history and of nineteenth and twentieth-century Americana. . . . The author organizes this information with encyclopedic and meticulous scholarship and writes it in an engaging style. No contemporary historian has attempted to write a comprehensive history of Harrison County. When that task is undertaken, the work will be much easier because of the exhaustive and trustworthy character of Beauregard's work. On top of that the book is fun to read." – William L. Fisk

"It is somewhat astonishing that one sparsely populated county in the hills of eastern Ohio should have produced such an impressive array of talented people. This book is a powerful argument for confidence in an educated citizenry and for support of the American dream that opportunity exists for those who will prepare for it and seize it. I am impressed with the extraordinary research sources that Professor Beauregard has unearthed." – George W. Knepper

Table of Contents

Table of contents:

Foreword; Preface

Mary Jobe Akeley: Bicontinental Explorer

John Armstrong: Musicologist, Almanacer, Mathematician, Controversialist

James Hartley Beal and George Denton Beal: Scientists

John A. Bingham: Statesman and Diplomat

Samuel M. Bryan: Servant of Japan

Benjamin R. Cowen: Founder of Yellowstone Park

Thomas E. Cramblet and Wilbur H. Cramblet: Versatility

George Armstrong Custer: Victorious and Vanquished

Thomas W. Custer: Twice Medalist of Honor

Charles S. Dewey: American and Polish Official, Businessman, Humanitarian

Clark Gable: Supreme Film Idol

Percy Hammond: Foremost Dramatic Critic

Charles A. Hanna: Businessman and Scholar

Robert Hanna: Theoretical Terrorist in Abolitionism and Antimasonry

William Henry Holmes: Scientist and Artist

Lynn Harold Hough: Servant of Humanity

Daniel Kilgore: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Politician, Bureaucrat

Oliver Perry Kinsey: "The Poor Man's Harvard" Benefactor

Cyrus McNeely and Jane McNeely: Teacher Training Advocates

L. Milton Ronsheim: Editor and Conservationist

Archibald J. Sampson: Diplomat

The Scotts: Inventors

Walter Gaston Shotwell: Jurist and Author

Matthew Simpson: Bishop and Patriot

Linda Warfel Slaughter: Multitalented Frontierswoman

Edwin McMasters Stanton: Lawyer and Secretary of War

Dabid p. Phompson: Multifaceted Career

Thomas M. Vincent: Contributor to the American Army in War and Peace

John Walker: Renaissance Man

Elizabeth Wilson: Pioneer in Woman's Rights

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