Nine Sicilian Plays by Luigi Capuana: Translated From Sicilian Into English by Santi Buscemi

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The father of Italian dialect theater Luigi Capuana (1839-1915) embraced the literary movement verismo (Italian realism). His major plays, with their emphasis on naturalism and objectivity over symbolism, have now been beautifully translated for an English readership and audience.


“Professor Buscemi’s research on Capuana and the translations of his works is well thought out, original in its conception and scope, and noteworthy for its significance to Italian literary studies.”
-Professor Luigi Bonaffini,
Department of Modern Languages & Literatures,
Brooklyn College

“With this work, the translation of Capuana’s plays will be made available to English speaking scholars and theater lovers, as well as historians of theater…this translation seems destined to become part of a series of new contributions that in the near future will play a significant role in reshaping Capuana’s theatrical activity both in Italy and in the U.S.”
-Professor Pietro Frassica,
Department of French and Italian,
Princeton University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Luigi Bonaffini
Translator’s Introduction
Glossary of Sicilian Forms of Address
Author’s Preface
The Spell (Malia)
For Spite (Ppilucurrivu)
Good People (Bona Gente)
The Interrogation (‘Ntirrugatoriu)
In Vain (Ammàtula!)
The Matchmaker (Lu paraninfu)

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