New Testament Greek an Introductory Grammar

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Created by a professor of Greek who wanted a textbook that suited his needs. Includes an excellent workbook and an instructor's manual that features exercises to augment those in the text and workbook, photocopiable examinations, and keys (instructor's manual available only to professors adopting the text). Write for your free examination copy of the textbook and workbook.


"Ideal for students taking their first Greek course." - Charles H. Talbert "There are ingenious innovations in the arrangement of materials that distinguish this introduction from all others on the market." - William R. Farmer

"Unusually clear and straightforward, each lesson is planned with the beginning student in mind . . . an excellent, workable textbook." - David L. Dungan "Concise presentation of the essentials of New Testament grammar . . . our students will find it an exciting and worthwhile text." - John B. Sheppard

"Clearly written and addresses the student personally. The manageable and good exercises and very helpful opening chapters on writing and pronouncing Greek will serve well both teacher and student." - David M. Scholer

"Provides a straightforward approach to the subject. Both the Greek-English and English-Greek glossaries, with paragraph listings of first usage, will prove especially helpful assets to the students." - H. J. Flanders, Jr.

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