Mills, Watson E.

Bibliographies for Biblical Research

Bibliography of the Nature and Role of the Holy Spirit in Twentieth-Century Writings
1993 0-7734-2366-4
The bibliographies provide an index to the journal articles, essays in collected works, books and monographs, dissertations, commentaries, and various encyclopedia and dictionary articles published in the twentieth century. Technical works of scholarship, from many differing traditions, constitute the bulk of the citations, though some selected works that reinterpret the research to a wider audience have been included.

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Critical Tools for the Study of the New Testament
1995 0-7734-2405-9
"Every serious student of the New Testament needs the information supplied . . . Mills informs students of the myriad of books used by experienced scholars: bibliographies of bibliographies, periodicals, indexing and abstracting resources, book reviews, information on dissertations and theses, dictionaries, commentaries, works on archaeology, texts of the New Testament, grammars, lexicons, concordances, synopses, and the computer in New Testament Studies. The volume in encyclopedic in scope, attempting to list the major resources presently available, especially those in English, German, and French. . . . Students are not simply provided lists; they are provided introductory interpretive commentary and suggestions. In the chapter on bibliography, for example, Mills distinguishes the sorts of bibliographies and their uses and then gives a brief description of each of different bibliographies of bibliographies in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. The thirty-eight most important periodicals in New Testament studies are listed and discussed. Twenty-five different resources for abstracts, indexes and locating book reviews are included. . . . unquestionably the best guide available." - Edgar V. McKnight

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Glossolalia. A Bibliography
1989 0-88946-605-X
A 22-page bibliographical essay followed by 1,158 entries arranged in alphabetical order by author/editor, with subject and scripture indexes.

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New Testament Greek an Introductory Grammar
1989 0-88946-200-3
Created by a professor of Greek who wanted a textbook that suited his needs. Includes an excellent workbook and an instructor's manual that features exercises to augment those in the text and workbook, photocopiable examinations, and keys (instructor's manual available only to professors adopting the text). Write for your free examination copy of the textbook and workbook.

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