Muslims in Dialogue: The Evolution of a Dialogue

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This volume presents in empirical fashion the development of the entrance of Islam into dialogue. `Dialogue' is defined as the approach to encounters with other religions and ideologies not primarily in the teaching mode -- as holding alone the secret of life-- but primarily in the learning mode -- seeking to find more of the secret of the meaning of life. Gathered here are almost all the articles dealing with Islam that appeared in the Journal of Ecumenical Studies or books spun off it from over the past generation, tracing Islam's slow, painful, at times quite reluctant move to dialogue.


"This book is a collection of significant essays from the literature of interreligious dialogue and Islamic relations of the last twenty-five years. . . . The lead-off essay by the late al Faruqi, one of his best and a milestone in interreligious relations in the United States, challenges Christians for their lack of information about Islam, their tentative principles for dialogue, and their persistent use of "mission.". . . . Excellent contributions by noted Islamicists (Maurice Borrmans, John Renard, and Kenneth Cragg) and other experienced observers of this dialogue (P. Jaques Lanfrey and Swidler on the Christian side; Askari and Arkoun on the Islamic) give the volume a place in the growing interpretation of dialogue. . . . these essays are well arranged, fit together nicely, and are certainly worth rereading." - Journal of Ecumenical Studies

"An overview of the Muslim and Christian contributions reveals a characteristic distribution of emphasis...: several of the Muslims stress the importance of socio-economic and political factors in relations between Muslims and the West, while the Christian. . . contributors tend to focus on doctrinal issues and theoretical approaches to dialogue." - Oxford Journals, Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies

"Muslims in Dialogue is an eye-opener and a mind-opener. . . . It demands careful reading and will challenge both Christians and Muslims to think honestly and compassionately about their neighbors and how their religions impact those outside and to rethink some of their wrong notions about the others. . . . The deep insights in these articles would give benefit to all who deal with Muslims - and that is no long just in the Muslim world." - Missiology

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