Mongols in Western/American Consciousness

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Examines the influence of medieval conceptions of the Mongols as monsters, how these impressions affected the creation of a 'Mongol' racial category for mankind, what travelers observed and reported while in Mongol domains, the realm of fiction and film, and the field of Mongolian Studies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface by David Bertelson
Introduction : Who are the Mongols?; Mongols and Tibetans; Economies; Nomads and Barbarians; Monsters; Monsters Today
Race : Westerners Further Describe and Classify Mongols; The Kalmyks; Johann Friedrich Blumenbach; Other Mongol Accounts; Mongols in the Twentieth Century; Immigration and Exclusion; Conclusion
Mongols as Mental Defectives : People with Trisomy 21 and the United States; Language; "Mongoloids" in Literature; Dr. JLH Down; "Kalmuc Idiocy"; Can Degenerates Degenerate?; Conclusion
The Mongol Body : Blue Spots; The Mongolian Eye
Travelers in the Deep Dark Heart of Asia : Roy Chapman Andrews; Owen Lattimore; Two Eighteenth Century Travelers in Mongol Areas; "You Can't Do That Anymore"; AD Barnett; Other Westerners React to Mongol Areas and Mongols; Conclusion
A Fixation on the Past : Fiction; Films; Mongolian Studies
Endnotes, Bibliography, Index

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