Modern Oral Amdo Tibetana Language Primer

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This book is for English speakers who are beginning to study Amdo. It assumes no prior knowledge of Tibetan, begins by introducing the Tibetan alphabet and its phonetic system, and follows by presenting dialogues and texts of increasing sophistication that reflect Amdo Tibetan lives in the late 20th century. There are 40 lessons in three units, with drills, notes, exercises, and extensive appendices. This book has five CD's available for $19.95 each. You may order them by email ( or by telephone (716) 754-2788.


“Amdo. . . stands out as the northern counterpart of Lhasa in its historical importance, and is also comparable to the latter as a modern regional language. . . . Sharing a common cultural background with Tibetans of other regions, Amdo speakers have, in addition, a strong regional identity that has allowed them to preserve their linguistic and cultural heritage in spite of various external influences. Because language and culture are interdependent, the prospective learner of Amdo Tibetan can confidently anticipate a rewarding cultural experience.” – Juha Janhunen

Table of Contents

Table of contents: (unit headings)
Preface by Juha Janhunen
Introduction: About this Book; Background of Amdo; Previous Studies; “Standard” Amdo Dialect; Abbreviations
1. Phonetics
2. Nouns, Adjectives, and Simple Verbs
3. Complex Verbs
Appendices: Amdo Phonetics System; Root Verb Inflections; Linking Verbs, Possessive/Existential Verbs, Auxiliary Verbs; Tibetan-English Word List; Place Names and Proper Names; English-Tibetan Word List. References

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