Media Censorship in the Middle East

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This book examines, for the first time ever, Middle-Eastern media censorship. By using an analytical and comparative approach this book, explicitly, shows how the censorial culture grew as the media developed in this region. It also illustrates the illusionary and deceptive arguments presented by the authorities citing articles and stipulations from the constitution that speaks for the freedom of the press and free speech. This book also shows the possibility for emerging models of media in the Middle East that highlight a direction toward democracy and the application of laws and regulations.


“Dr. Jabbar Al-Obaidi, a distinguished professor of media studies, made a daring choice in examining the role of censorship in zipping mouths and lulling people to a dangerous sleep; a morale-sapping fact. The hard bruising truth is that the Middle East governments are practicing unchecked policies to muzzle the freedom of the press under the guise of public good. ... Al-Obaidi’s book is not discussing a moot point, but a living fact and reality ... The book is meant not to bridge a gap only, but to whet the appetite of other researchers to shed new light on the plight of the Fourth Estate which is shedding its majesty in the Middle East.” - Dr. Abdul Sattar Jawad, Professor of Literature and Journalism, John Hope Franklin Center, Duke University

“Dr. Al-Obaidi is one of the few authors with the credentials to write as authoritatively on the subject as he does. He is uniquely qualified because he has worked in the various situations described in this book. In fact, he occasionally makes reference of personal experiences at different points in this work. Not only is Dr. Al-Obaidi scholarly and rational in his approach to this complex subject, he is courageous, pointing out the risks taken by himself and others at various times on matter pertaining to freedom of information.” - Dr. William G. Covington, Jr., Assistant Professor, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Table of Contents

Foreword by Abdul Sattar Jawad
1 The Middle East Media Outcome
2 Middle Eastern Media Culture: Red Lights, Red Lines
3 Muzzling the Media in the Middle East: Ways and Means
4 Constitutions and Patterns of Media
5 Functions of the Media: Futuristic Reading

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