Measures of Breath

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Measures of Breath is a loosely autobiographical collection of poems focusing on the strangeness of the ordinary and the resonance of the most private and personal. Memories and intimations are offered which suggest a framing reality larger than that described in the standard scientific model. Questions recalled from childhood are addressed, along with early experience that rarely finds its way into language. While the poems canvass the five stages of life, the structure is loose enough to accommodate a variety of speculations on the mystery of lived time as it resists any easy understanding.


“The rare sensibility evident in these careful condensations of a lifetime’s experience and reflection is everywhere alert to the invitation and promise offered by various kinds of thresholds and bridges, brinks and jumping-off places, cracks in the pavement and concealed doors that allow us access to the strange radiance at the source of what we already are. Even so, we are made to acknowledge also the weight of our tragic impulses to un-making and destruction, the perennial night-terrors from which we know we need to awaken. The learned and thoughtful scholar and critic behind the poems remains present, though unobtrusively, for these poems offers us something utterly personal and distinctive, a highly refined distillation of particular, embodied experience.” – Patrick Grant, University of Victoria

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