Symphony Number One and Selected Poems

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Symphony Number One is the first part of a trilogy. It investigates the nature of human identity and concludes that who we really are is created by our individual, common and uncommon choices of words, and is revealed in the true equations between words and action. This book is about primal, radical cure, and it is Mozart and Mingus played by a combo in blue jeans jamming to a new millennial swing. Poet Andrew Oerke’s work has been published in The New Yorker, The New Republic, Poetry, Mademoiselle, and other leading magazines. Golden Gloves champ, football player, University professor, Peace Corps Director in Africa and the Caribbean, US Korean War veteran, and United Nations Gulf War consultant, he has lived many lives. In feature articles, The New York Times and International Herald Tribune have said that here is a poet “whose muse is a world traveler.” With Notes and Comments by James O. Allsup


“Andrew Oerke is an experienced poet who writes with extraordinary depth of feeling and mastery of form, His lyrics – always delightful, at times dazzling – are grounded in passion, in love of humanity, of nature, of human experience. Oerke’s poems are an American treasure” – Jewel Spears Brooker

"Andrew Oerke . . united voices as far back as Socrates and as near in as the dictionary of Modern Usage to invent a dialogue uniquely his own." - Rod McKuen

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