Material Hermeneutics in Political Science, A New Methodology

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An intriguing look at how the utilization of material hermeneutics can augment the social and political scientist’s capability to interpret social events beyond the traditional parameters that textual hermeneutic and linguistic models would generally present.


“Professor Medina provides a new look at an old problem: Interpretation. He will awaken the political scientists’ awareness about the materiality in which every political phenomenon is embedded.”
-Prof. Santiago Leiras Ledesma
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

“A clear, precise, insightful and well-supported work expanding the role of traditional textual hermeneutics to include material hermeneutics in the field of Social Science- specifically Political Science.”
-Prof. Alberto López Cuenca
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid(Spain)

Table of Contents

Preface by Don Ihde
Chapter 1 Technology as nodes of leakage
What is an interpretation?
Nodes of leakage
Interpreting globalization
Chapter 2 Where do we play politics today?
Political Science and lawmaking: A short history
The spatiality of the lawmaking process
A Regime of Trust in Action
Concluding remarks
Chapter 3 Statistics as an instrument in Political Science
Political processes and Power
Political Science’s Instrument(s)
Politics, Political science and Statistics
The first moment
The second moment
The third moment
How the Instrument Changed the Discipline
Thesis 1: Embodied knowledge
Thesis 2: Technology’s non-neutrality
Thesis 3: Visualism in science
Thesis 4: Technology’s trajectories
Concluding remarks

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