Marriage in China Today: Stories by Chinese Women Authors

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Dr. Jennifer Mei and Dr. Xueqing Xu collect five short stories translated from Chinese into English written by Chinese women about their marriages. The five stories are An Agreement between Two Women by Bi Shumin, When the Clouds Disperse by Chi Li, Darling Potatoes by Chi Zijian, White Broth by Pan Xiangli, and Kitchen by Xu Kun.


“Placing women characters in struggles against patriarchal tradition and present-day social barriers to gender equality, the five stories present from different angles Chinese women’s marital life in contemporary Chinese domestic settings. While portraying women’s efforts to gain equal treatment in the relationship between gender and family, the writers illustrate the women’s frustration and determination in their search for self-identity, recognition and independence.”
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Bi Shumin An Agreement between Two Women

Chi Li When the Clouds Disperse

Chi Zijian Darling Potatoes

Pan Xiangli White Broth with Green Vegetables

Xu Kun Kitchen

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