Contemporary Short Stories about Women's Lives in China Today

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Dr. Jennifer Mei and Dr. Xueqing Xu collect three short stories translated from Chinese into English written by Chinese women about their daily lives. The three stories are Nowhere to Say Goodbye by Chen Ran, Final Act of a Woman Poet by Jiang Zidan, and Pisces by Xu Xiaobin.


“While different in their plots, narrative techniques and styles, these three works share the common theme of alienation in illustrating contemporary Chinese women’s frustrations and self-estrangement in a commercialized and gender-biased society in search for their self-identity and spiritual survival. All the female protagonists in the three works suffer from insurmountable alienation that reduces them to a tragic realization of powerlessness and hopelessness as they fail to resolve the irreconcilable contradictions between their ideals and reality.”
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Chen Ran Nowhere to Say Goodbye

Jiang Zidan Final Act of a Woman Poet

Xu Xiaobin Pisces

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