Lord Charlemont's History of Italian Poetry From Dante to Metastasio a Critical Edition From the Autograph Manuscript Vol. 1

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Lord Charlemont conceived of his three-volume history of Italian poetry as a contribution to the reputation in the English-speaking world of the Italian literary tradition, by means of a substantial annotated anthology of texts, with his translations in parallel. Over 300 pages of his 1600 page manuscript are dedicated to Dante, easily the most detailed treatment in English before the work of professional scholars in the nineteenth century. Charlemont was a will-known scholarly figure of the Johnsonian period. This critical edition presents Charlemonts facing page translations of each authors work.


. . . this book provides us with a lively insight into the early development of Italianist scholarship in Great Britain: one in which its shortcomings are perhaps no less revealing than its strengths. Throughout the work, one should also add, and not merely as an afterthought, that the editing of the text by Dr. George Talbot has been meticulous.  Frederic J. Jones

Table of Contents

Vol. 1.
Table of Contents:
Foreword; Preface; Note on the Text; Editors Introduction
Book 1, Part 1: Dante : Introduction to the Friendly Reader; Dantes Allegory; Inferno; Purgatorio; Paradiso; Notes
Book 1, Part 2: Remarks on Some Imitators of Dante: Fazio delli Uberti; Frederico Frezzi
Appendix, Editorial Notes, Index
0-7734-7780-2 $129.95/£89.95 640pp. 2000 Vol. 3.
Book 3, Part 1: Marino to Testi: Introduction; Giovan Batista Marini; Girolamo Preti; Batista Guarini; Gabriello Chiabrera; Fulvio Testi
Book 3, Part 2: Redi to Matastasio; Introduction; Francesco Redi; Carlo Maria Maggi; Francesco di Lemene; Benedetto Menzini; Vincenzo de Filicaia; Carlo Antonio Bedori; Gregorio Casali; Vincenzo Leonio; Girolamo Gigli; Silvio Stampiglia; Gio Gioseffo Orsi; Giovan-Battista Zappi; Cornelio Bentivoglio; Giovambatista Pastorini; Antonio Maria Salvini; Eustachio Manfredi; Bernardino Perfetti; Alessandro Botta-Adorno; Apostolo Zeno; Scipione Maffei
Ludovico Antonio Muratori; Tommaso Crudeli; Pietro Metastasio
Editorial Notes; Bibliography; Index
Vol. 2. Book 2, Part 1: Petrarch: Introduction to Translations from Petrarch; Sonnets
Book 2, Part 2: Successors and Imitators of Petrarch: Lorenzo de Medici; Matteo Maria Boiardo; Serafino dall Aquila; Ludovico Ariosto; Giovanni Giorgio Trissino; Vittoria Colonna; Veronica Gambara; Pietro Barignano; Pietro Aretino; Luigi Alamanni; Bernardo Tasso; Ludovico Dolce; Giovanni della Casa; Annibal Caro; Luigi Tansillo; Torquato Tasso
Editorial Notes, Index

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