Loneliness of Blizzards

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"I am astonished at the power of the imagery. . . there's no denying the strength here. This is careful, lovely work." -- Mark Vinz

"I like his poetry quite a lot - it's reverent, yet it's not wimpy. There's always a sense of genuine worship, yet it's not afraid to question, as any child of God should be expected to." -- Carl Simmons, editor of Burning Light

"These poems are strong and sensual, and they're driven by right minded feelings. And they're intelligent without being overly cerebral. The language creates celebration and life in lines that sing like brookwater. He has a magic palette and there is mythic quality in the way he sees nature." -- John Daniel

"His poems are so evocative, so lonely, so understated, that I admire them very much. One of his best talents is avoiding wordiness -- a mistake so common to poets, in my opinion. The reader feels very comfortable fitting himself into the silences of his poems." - Jon Hassler, author of North of Hope

"This poetry is gentle, reflecting a layman's devotional experience of wakefulness in the natural world of his daily comings and going." - Dawn Morgan

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