"After Hiroshima H. G. Wells admonished humankind to confront our 'grave and tragic' destiny with dignity and not with hysteria. Fifty years later Jamie Parsley, a gifted new voice, has managed to do just that." - Pamela Westerheim, author of Mary Herbert, Countess of Pembroke

"I am interested in a poetry that extracts, from our hearts, the wonder of our lives, of the world. Cloud moves me in that direction. I especially like the tightness of the poem, meaning the way words move into words, how one line moves into another. . . . the best part of the poem is its almost overwhelming inner tension - not to mention the struggle between flesh and spirit. In one word, STUPENDOUS." - Brian J. Slater, author, Lounge Act

"I admire Jamie Parsley's work. His images are captivating and a clean intelligence comes through." - Sy Safransky editor, The Sun

"The fluidity of Cloud amazes me. From beginning to end, I was swept right along by the numbing force of this work. Parlsey has a startling knack for conveying movement and color. . . An outstanding endeavor!" - Chris Frear, editor, Noh

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