Literary Biography of William Rounseville Alger (1822-1905). A Neglected Member of the Concord Circle

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Carefully constructed biography of Horatio Alger's more talented but much less widely known cousin.


"Most Thoreauvians know Alger, if at all, only as a very minor Transcendentalist who wrote a scathing denunciation of Thoreau as an `escapist.' Yet Alger also wrote a charming eulogy of Thoreau. Scharnhorst devotes a whole chapter to their off-on relationship in this unique biography which is as much detective story as biography. . . . We found it fascinating reading." The Thoreau Society Bulletin

"Alger's close friendship with Emerson and other Transcendentalists makes a study of the existing sources and his writings an important endeavor." - Studies in the American Renaissance

". . . convincingly demonstrates that this other Alger deserves the attention of literary historians for his writings and even more for his friendships with canonical figures and movements." - American Literature

"It is fascinating to follow Scharnhorst from one great library to another, and to observe how slender clews and hunches led to his uncovering the life and secrets of his subject. . . .should you decide to add it to your personal collection, you will be w

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