Life and Solo Piano Works of the Ukrainian Composer Myroslav Skoryk

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This study examines the life and solo piano works of Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk. Included are interviews with Myroslav Skoryk as well as biographical information,
historical and stylistic insights, and expert analytical readings.


"This work transcends the largely biographical and/or prosaic material available to date from the composer’s home country....Particularly effective is the author’s illustration of Skoryk’s pioneering fusion of modal idioms from Ukrainian Carpathian folk music with elements of American jazz."
Oleksander Kuzyszyn, President, Duma Music, Inc

"This work brings previously unavailable or scantily presented information about a major Ukranian composer up to date for both the music aficionado and the serious analyst. This manuscript will most likely remain a seminal work for many years to come."
-Prof. Ralf E. Carriuolo, Dept. of Visual and Performing Arts, University of New Haven

From the Foreword
"Besides its thorough scholarship and analysis, what sets Professor Markiw's work apart is his access to the composer through hours of transcribed personal interviews. The combination of Skoryk's thoughts on his music with Professor Markiw's biographical information, historical and stylistic insights, and expert analytical readings as both performer and scholar provides an unusually informative and fascinating view of the composer, accessible to non-specialists while at the same time providing valuable musical information to performers encountering this music for the first time. With the publication of this splendid study, Professor Markiw has taken an important step in securing Myroslav Skoryk's rightful place in the pantheon of contemporary composers."
-Prof. Peter Kaminsky, Associate Dean, School of Fine Arts, University of Connecticut

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