New Music of the Nordic Countries

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This book consists of five parts. Each part offers an overview of new music in a specific Nordic country--Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. For more details about each part, please see the "Table of Contents" section below.

This book was originally published by Pendragon Press in 2002.

Table of Contents

Part I: New Music of Denmark by Jean Christensen
1. Denmark's Musical Identity
2. Music Since 1950: Danish Tradition Versus International Modernism
3. Establishing Danish Modernism
4. Pluralism
5. The Middle Generation: First Wave (Born 1945-1953)
6. The Middle Generation: Second Wave (Born 1954-1962)
7. The Young Generation: (Born 1963-1972)
8. The Emerging Generation: (Born 1971- )
Part II: New Music of Finland by Kimmo Korhonen
1. Introduction
2. From the Postwar Neoclassicism to the Modernism of the 1960s
3. Transition Years of the 1960s and Stylistic Freedom
4. The New Wave of Modernism of the 1980s and its Aftermath
5. Electroacoustic Music in Finland
6. Epilogue
Part III: New Music of Iceland by John D. White
1. Historical Background
2. The Oldest Generation of Living Composers (Born before 1940)
3. The Middle Generation of Living Composers (Born 1940-1957)
4. The Youngest Generation of Living Composers (Born 1958 and after)
Part IV: New Music of Norway by Harald Herresthal and Morten Eide Pedersen
1. Introduction and Historical Background
2. Modern Music History in Norway
3. From Nationalism to New-Classicalism
4. 1960-New Phases in the Development of Modernism
5. From the 60s to the Early 80s
6. Church Music-Between Art and Utility
7. The Young Generations: Background for Understanding Them
Part V: New Music of Sweden by Per F. Broman
1. A Brief Historical Overview
2. The Historical Narrative
3. Opera in Sweden
4. Orchestral Works
5. Electro-Acoustic Music in Sweden
6. Vocal Music


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