Laura as Novel, Film, and Myth

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A study of the 1944 film Laura, the book on which it was based, how the book was turned into the movie, and what impact the film has had on viewers and on other movies. Explores the film's unique appeal and how the character, in or out of movie context, has a deep appeal on a psychological and mythic level.


"After reading Eugene McNamara's study of Laura, I wanted to rush down to the video store to take another and better look at one of the films that still defines Hollywood in the 1940s....In addition to the very solid core of the book, which is its explication of the novel and the film, the book is enriched and enhanced by a wealth of incidental details and their analysis....these elements add up to a very readable, very worthwhile insight into a film whose fascination has endured for almost fifty years, and a book which will be enjoyable to the film buff or general reader while at the same time proving valuable to the film scholar." - Stuart A. Selby

"Eugene McNamara has made an important contribution by grappling with the enigma of Laura....effective as a comparative study, giving us insight into how characters and situations were changed to create a movie that now has more stature than the book. This study illustrates a strong grasp of the haunting quality of the film. . ." - Donald W. McCaffrey

". . . a succinct and eminently readable examination not only of the film but also the 1943 novel by Vera Caspary. . . . Recommended." - Classic Images

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