Essays and Scripts on How Mothers are Portrayed in the Theater: A Neglected Frontier of Feminist Scholarship

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This collection examines the nexus of mothering, feminism, and theatre. The work examines the portrayals of mothers in literature and on the performance stage, and makes a contribution to studies in dramatic literature, women’s studies, feminist theory, and theatre history.


“This collection opens the floodgates to mother power. Not only is it a collection of colliding possibilities of what “mother” means; but it is clearly a collision of disciplinary thought: feminist scholarship, theatrical performance/dramatic literature, and the emerging scholarship of motherhood. Finally, this work becomes a collision of powers: the power of performance, the power of motherhood re-appropriated, and the power of the feminist gaze.” – Prof. Kathryn Moller, Fort Lewis College

“This book is an important step in establishing a conversation about the performance of motherhood and the act of mothering as source material for artistic creation.” – Prof. Onye Ozuzu, University of Colorado, Boulder

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kathryn Moller
Introduction – Beth Osnes and Jennifer Popple
Overview of Research on Mothering and Motherhood
Part I: Pre-Industrial Revolution Work
Part II: Advent of Capitalism
History: First-Wave Feminism
Early 20th century up to 1960s
The 60s and 70s: Second Wave of Feminism
Continuing Dialogue
Description of Chapters
Works Cited
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