Teaching Latino Students

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This book is a compilation of topics dealing with a myriad of multicultural issues facing educators and other members of society. The book addresses the importance of relative knowledge in dealing with cultural diversity in an ever-changing global society. In this unique edition, the editors purport to enlighten educators and others regarding the complexity of multiculturalism, dealing with education issues with various groups, and examining pathways toward empowerment and acculturation. There is a plethora of information on the subject of multiculturalism. However, there is a void, or dearth, of empirical research in many aspects of this currently discussed topic. This work is composed of a number of scholarly research studies conducted by the authors/editors. The broad range of well-developed and thoroughly investigated treatises should provide a strong foundation for future researchers of this growing societal phenomenon.


“This work is probably the most comprehensive text available both nationally and worldwide on multicultural education. The strategies, content areas, insights, issues, awareness, at-risk students, special populations, and the importance of language are expertly dealt with in this interactive learning manual text ... This book is useful to the experienced educator or the beginner. The text is particularly recommended as a resource for public and private school leaders and educators as well as a text at both the undergraduate and graduate levels ... This highly relevant and contemporary compendium of readings will be useful for teachers, parents, superintendents, school board members, supervisors, consultants, professors, community leaders and many others interested in improving schools in America and internationally.” – (from the Foreword) William Kritsonis, Professor of Educational Leadership, Prairie View A&M University

“The editors have pulled together into a single volume a variety of research articles not only elucidating important issues and challenges in multicultural education, but also offering examples of effective practice in addressing the issues and meeting the challenges ... The editors devote an entire section to multicultural education in the context of at-risk and special population students, looking closely at strategies for overcoming risk factors and ensuring that students stay in school ... From the history and reality of the languages students speak, to attitudes of educators toward language use, to the role of language in cognition and culture, the chapters together present a range of observations on the critical impact of language in the educational experience.” – Cynthia Wilson, Vice President, Learning and Research, League for Innovation in the Community College, Phoenix, Arizona

“This book of readings, compiled by two faculty members teaching at Sul Ross University and two retired faculty members from the same institution ... emphasizes the need for cultural sensitivity and most articles focus on this theme. There is also considerable spotlight on rural populations ... The articles concern the public schools – K-12, junior colleges and colleges. The book would be used primarily for discussion in teacher-training classes.” – Beatrice O. Pressley, Professor Emerita, California State University – Hayward (East Bay)

Table of Contents

Foreword by William Kritsonis, Ph.D.
Part I. Multicultural Education: Importance
Part II. Multicultural Education: Strategies for the Classroom
Part III. Multicultural Education: The Content Areas
Part IV: Multicultural Education: Insights, Issues, and Awareness
Part V: Multicultural Education: At-Risk and Special Populations
Part VI: Multicultural Education: Language
Original Sources of Previously Published Articles

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