Landscape Planning for the Arid Middle East an Approach to Setting Environmental Objectives

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This study brings together two topics: landscape planning objectives and the development of the arid regions of the Middle East. It reviews the literature, presents a conceptual analysis, examines cases studies, suggests a comprehensive system for determining public objectives, and reports empirical research. It will provide landscape planners and political decision-makers with some practical tools and theoretical concepts that will be helpful to the development process.


“The exposition is clear and well paced. There is an effective balance between definitions of terms, theoretical basis, examples of present day projects in the field (and their shortcomings), the author’s proposed system to avoid these shortcomings, ending with suggestions for subsequent steps to be taken. The language is lucid and succinct.” – John M. Udy

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface by Mohammed Kassas; Preface by Mohamed El-Ashry
1. Introduction
2. The Nature of landscape Planning Objectives
3. The Process of Setting Objectives
4. From Problems to Objectives: Challenges of Developing the Arid Middle East
5. Key Development Projects in the Arid Middle East (Saudi Arabia; Bahrain; Egypt)
6. Conceiving, Designing, and Managing a Landscape Planning Objectives System
7. Summary and Discussion
References; Index

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