John Ruskin’s Romantic Tours, 1837-1838

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This work examines John Ruskin’s Romantic Tours to the Lake District and Scotland in the summers of 1837 and 1838. The author offers reconstructions of the itineraries, presents a sequence of fifty-two drawings made on those journeys, and provides his first sustained critique in what was to be Ruskin’s formative work of architectural criticism, the fourteen essays which make up The Poetry of Architecture. This book contains 52 black and white photographs.


“The history of international tourism in the post-Grand Tour era, as far as the very important British contribution was concerned, has given undue prominence to Thomas Cook ... This book should help us to begin to modify this picture by incorporating Ruskin’s view into the tourist gaze. For that alone it would be very welcome; but as the attentive reader will observe, it does a great deal more besides.” – Dr. John K. Walton, Institutes of Northern Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University

“Keith Hanley’s important book is both an indispensable contribution to Ruskin studies and a valuable cultural and intellectual history.” – Dr. John Batchelor, Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Investigator, School of English, Newcastle University

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Foreword by John K. Walton
Introduction: Family Travels
Romantic Mappings
1 The Lakes Tour, 1837
2 The Scottish Tour Youthful Works
3 The Drawings
4 The Poetry of Architecture Taking Bearings
5 Rushkin’s North

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