Italians in Rochester, New York 1940-1960

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This work examines the experience of Italians as Italian-Americans in Rochester, New York, following World War II. Overall, the work explores the meaning of ethnicity and sheds light on anthropological, sociological, and historical theories of ethnicity and its use to advance the goals of a people. This book contains eight black and white photographs.


“A gifted ethnographer, Professor Salamone draws on open-ended interviews as well as his own experiences of Italian Americans in Rochester, New York. . . .As this volume attests, Italians have permanently altered the landscape of Rochester by adding their own styles, sentiments, and passions to the social fabric. . . .Professor Salamone has convincingly shown that it is impossible to make “blanket assertions” concerning ethnic groups and ethnic identity without first giving careful attention to their ecological, cultural, and historical contexts.” - Stephen D. Glazier, Sociology-Anthropology Department, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“A delightful easily readable book dealing with the Italian Americans living in Rochester, New York and their contributions to, and participation in, the cultural fabric of the United States. In the style of Lawrence Stone’s Crisis of the Aristocracy, Salamone takes the reader through various aspects of Rochesterian life between 1940 and 1960 – migration patterns, living styles, styles of dress, literature, and yes, even the mafia—to mention a few.” - Dr. Walter Randolph Adams, Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology, Texas State University

“[Salamone] has enriched the work with his insights and in his personal experience of life in an Italian family. . . .He writes with clarity and passion about his people, without romanticizing them. It is a rare book and will add important knowledge to the field of ethnicity.” – Edith Lucy Brocklesby Turner H.H.D., H.L.D., Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University of Virginia

Table of Contents

Foreword by Stephen D. Glazier
1 Introduction
2 Overview of Rochester 1940-60
3 Rochester in Work War II
4 Protestant Italians
5 The Catholic Church and Rochester’s Italians
6 Post-War Teens
7 The Family—Some Personal Reminiscences
8 Societe in Rochester Society
9 Prisoners of War in Rochester
10 Italians and Unions
11 Italian Jazz in Rochester in the Context of the Wider Scene
12 Rochester’s Italian Writers
13 An Interview with Jerry Mangione
14 The Mafia
15 The Boy Grows Up and Does Some Anthropology
16 Conclusion: Wrapping and Rapping It Up

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