Italians in Rochester, New York 1900-1940

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Through research into the ethnic roots of his home town of Rochester, NY, Dr. Salamone’s study enables the reader to understand the interplay of social, cultural, and historical forces in shaping a particular variate of Italian-American identity.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Foreword; Introduction
1. Two Theories of Migration and Italian Movement to Rochester, New York
2. Italian Religious Clubs in Rochester: The Creation of an Ethnic Identity
3. Stories the Old Folks Told
4. Becoming American
5. Domestic Power and Male Dominance: A Sicilian Example
6. Amoral Familism in Rochester
7. Deciding Who “We” Are: The Order of the Sons of Italy and the Creation of Italian-American Ethnic
8. The Power of Love: Aggressive Mother Love and the Development of Male-Female Ambivalence among Sicilian-Americans
Conclusion; Bibliography; Index

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