Introduction to Western Esotericism. Essays in the Hidden Meaning of Literature, Groups, and Games

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This work functions as an introductory text for those new to the discipline, but also presents more advanced-level studies of literary works that will appeal to a more specific critical audience. The interdisciplinary diversity of the work enhances the presentation of certain hitherto unexplored academic vistas of Western Esotericism. This book contains thirty black and white photographs.


“. . . a book that is exemplary in both in its command of scholarly detail and its delineation of new possibilities.” – Prof. David Grandy, Brigham Young University

“Carefully researched and helpfully illustrated, [the] book [also] elucidates the long history of the Tarot, which stretches back to the 15th century, and its permeation of familiar (and sometimes not so familiar) cultural texts.” – Prof. Joe Lenz, Drake University

Table of Contents

1. “A Vague Feeling of Fascination”: Western Esotericism and introductory-level scholarship
2. The Legacy of Jean-Paul Corsetti: Western Esotericism and the Eurydice of lost scholarship
3. Antoine Faivre to the Dark Tower Came: Robert Browning’s Childe Roland as examined by means of a Western Esotericist paradigm
4. Versluis and Faivre Play Cupid: Creatively esoteric aspects of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
5. The Epsilon-Sigma Caduceus: The Mantegna tarocchi as a book of ritual for Kappa Sigma
6. The Sola-Busca Sundial: A Renaissance tarot deck as a mutus liber of ritualistic initiation

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