Intertextuality of Joyce Cary's the Horse's Mouth

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An understanding of the novel's multiple intertexts (Blake, other artists, socio-political and feminist issues), as well as its interdisciplinary approach and sophisticated narrative technique make possible a totally new reading of The Horse's Mouth and a recognition of it as one of the great novels of the twentieth century, while revealing Intertextuality as perhaps the most meaningful approach to literature today. Material from the Osborn Collection of Joyce Cary Manuscripts (included as an appendix) clarify his working process and choice of intertexts.


"The book is very well written in a jargonless, clear, direct English, unusual in academe these days . . . a solid, critical mind at work making interesting connections between the extremely difficult Blake ideas and a modern novel, using Cary materials and researched and analyzed with an admirable scholarship." - Annis Pratt

"The scholarly validity of this study derives from the solid explanation of the sources in manuscripts, and the printing of the sources. The study is built on demonstration not simply assertion. The frame of intertextuality gives the study a bearing and definition that make it possible for Professor Levitt to uncover both the complicated internal structure and the literary values of old poems appearing in new context." - Dr. Robert J. Bertholf

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