Interpretive Role of the Religious Community in Friedrich Schleiermacher and Josiah Royce Heavenly Bonds

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Argues that religious communities and individual religious experiences are inextricably linked: that one cannot be had without the other. Of specific interest is the way in which religious communities provide the context within which religious experiences can be interpreted and understood. By utilizing the work of Schleiermacher and Royce, the primary role of the religious community in the interpretation of religious experience is demonstrated.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

1.Introduction; The Nature of the Problem; Overview and Approach

2.The Nature of Interpretation in Schleiermacher; Nature of Grammatical and Technical Interpretation; role of Tradition in Interpretation; Criticism and Clarification; importance of Oral and Written forms of language use

3.Coherence and Contingency in Royce's Theory of Interpretation; role of signs in the process of Interpretation; The One Event; The Founder of Christianity

4.The Nature and Functions of the Religious Community in Schleiermacher : In the Speeches; Individual Religious Experience and the Need for Religious Community; Development of Religious Consciousness Through Particular Religious Communities; Why Religious Communities Differ; Religious Use of Language; Influence of Jesus; Role of Preaching; Role of the Holy Spirit/Common Spirit; Role of Doctrines in the Formation of Christian Religious Consciousness; Role of Tradition and Scripture

5.Religious Nature of the Community in Royce: Overarching Concerns; sources of Religious Insight; Social Nature Realized in Communities; Role of Hope and Memory; Metaphysical Foundation of Religious Experience; Individual and the Collective; Nature of Communities; Religious Nature of the True Community; Role of the Will; Universal and the Particular and the Development of a New Consciousness; Love as Loyalty; Contemporary Discussions Concerning the Role of Religious Community as Anticipated by Royce

6.The Interpretive Role of the Religious Community in Schleiermacher: Piety, Religious and Sensible Self-consciousness; Essential Features of the Church; Scripture; Preaching; Sacraments; Baptism; The Lord's Supper; Prayer; Christian Worship; Coherence Producing Role of the Church; Role of the Church in the World

7.Religious Nature of Communities of Interpretation in Royce: Interpretive Role of the Religious Community in the Formation of Religious Consciousness; Universal Element of Communal Consciousness; role of the Will; Moral Burden Which Awakens Human Consciousness; Nature of Salvation; Integrative Insight of Schleiermacher and Royce.

8.Concluding Thoughts; Issues for Further Research

Selected Bibliography, Index

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