Hegel, Hinrichs, and Schleiermacher on Feeling and Reason in Religion. The Texts of their 1821-22 debate

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A documentary study that presents: background on the debate between Hegel and Schleiermacher that parallels the writing of Hegel's preface to Hinrichs' work; the entire text of Hinrichs' "Religion in Its Internal Relationship to Systematic Knowledge"; plus appropriate introductions, annotations, a glossary, and a transcription of the German critical edition of Hegel's Hinrichs-Vorwort on which the new translation is based.


"The strength of von der Luft's work lies in making all this available to researchers, who may want to examine it in light of fresh estimates of Hegel's religious teaching as a whole, based on the new English edition [of Hegel's Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, ed. Hodgson, 3 vols: University of California Press]. Only archaeologists of philosophical ideas are apt to read the Hinrichs work for its own sake, but the connection of the young scholar's views with his illustrious contemporary, as well as Hegel's polemical struggle with the Berlin theology of his colleague Schleiermacher, continue to engage our interest." - The Journal of Religion

". . . the focus of the book is not on Schleiermacher and Hegel, but on the historical background and on Hinrichs' philosophy of religion in particular." - Religious Studies Review

". . . a remarkable collection of materials that should prove useful to scholars with a variety of interests." - The Owl of Minerva

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