Interpreting the Bible in Theology and the Church

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Presents the thesis that the interpretation of the Christian faith gained from the Bible exists in the community of believers prior to theological and other scientific study.

". . . a lucid and concise presentation." - Anakainosis


". . . a bold book. It leaves no routines unchallenged, no altars unturned, no theologies unscathed." - Karlfried Froehlich ". . . a radiant essay." - ADRIS

". . . many sound ideas." - Theological Students Fellowship Bulletin "I can only applaud Vander Goot's vigorous affirmation of the primacy of the message of Scripture." - Westminster Theological Journal

". . . a compelling, important, highly sophisticated theological treatise." - The Banner "The book is recommended for church, university, and seminary libraries." - Choice

"Professor Vander Goot is to be commended for lifting these fundamental hermeneutical issues to a level that invites further discussion." - New Era: The Ecumenical Research Association

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