Índice Para hora De EspaÑa I-Xxiii

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Índice para Hora de España I-XXII is the index for the twenty-three issues of Hora de España, a literary journal that circulated in Spain between January 1937 and October 1938. The Index is composed of two main parts: the Introduction and the Index. The Introduction includes an historical note about the journal and its founders, followed by seven major topics: Contributors to the Journal; Poetry; Poems by Miguel de Unamuno (1864-1936); Spanish American Writers; Book Reviews; European Writers; and Art and Theater. The Index has three hundred and forty-five entries (114 contributing writers). It has an alphabetical listing of authors who wrote for the journal; it contains analytical synopses of as many articles as were written in its twenty-three issues – briefs (containing information on the journal), poems, and articles written by the editorial staff are included. In 2005, a Foreword and a Commendatory Preface by Roma Hoff were included. A bibliography completes the Index.


“This book is a tribute to Ricardo Gullón whose lifelong desire was that a meticulous study be written about the Spanish literary journal, Hora de España. From the 15-page Foreword in English to the expanded Introducción in Spanish, Dr. Giovenco sets the stage in the Índice for future researchers. We have here a definitive work on the story of the founding of the magazine and summaries of the poems, prose and articles found in the 23 extant issues of Hora de España. This is a carefully-worded review of the early part of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) as described by a group of decidedly pro-Republican intellectuals ... For the uninitiated, the corpus of poetry alone makes for an enjoyable read as social and political issues are explored. Dr. Giovenco is an observer much like the readers of the 22 issues of Hora de España in 1937-1939. He captures the exuberance of the young men and women writers, both Spaniards and other Europeans, and representative Latin Americans. This offers a broad scope to a time when many perceived the Spanish Civil War of 1936 as a prelude to a world conflict. For now, Dr. Giovenco’s carefully researched, organized and written study will stand as the definitive critique of Spanish thinking on social and political issues of the first part of the Spanish Civil War.” – (from the Preface) Roma Hoff, Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Table of Contents

Preface by Roma Hoff
El grupo de Hora de España
Poesía en Hora de España
Miguel de Unamuno en Hora de España
Escritores hispanoamericanos en Hora de España
Libros reseñados en Hora de España
Escritores extranjeros en Hora de España
Pintura y Teatro en Hora de España
Índice para Hora de España I-XXIII

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