Impact of New Technology and Organizational Stress on Public Safety Decision Making

Author: McCarty, James
This volume focuses on the organizational dynamics peculiar to the Criminal Justice system, and how the explosion of technology has added increased complexity to critical decision-making process in an unstable environment which includes scarce public resources, community demands and court-mandated initiatives. It develops the current state of Public Safety technology, how the technology reflects dated Criminal Justice strategies and the current bureaucratic organizational structure. It examines current decision-making methodology common to most municipal law enforcement organizations, as well as the key elements of community policing as an organizational strategy. It concludes with a proposal for an Organizational Decision Support System which will radically change existing Criminal Justice Management Information systems so that modern police administrators will make quicker and more focused resource-allocation decisions that will support the agency mission, the organization, and the community it serves.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:


1.Organizational and Cultural History

2.Public Safety Technology

3.Police Decision Making

4.Community Policing: A New Public Safety Strategy

5.Organizational Issues

6.Conceptual Design: A Public Safety Organizational Decision Support System

7.Benefits of a Public Safety Organizational Decision Support System