Thirty-six Years of Prison Supervision: A Memoir by Edward L. Cohn, Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Correction, 1997-2001

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"This book is a composite of how the Indiana Department of Correction attempts to comply with the courts, the state constitution, and the ever-swinging philosophical pendulum. We provide public safety while preparing the offenders for their eventual return to the streets." -from The Author's "Introduction"

"Ed was uniquely qualified to write this book. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to finish and publish it. ...I prepared it for publication by The Edwin Mellen Press. With 36 years of experience, Ed's collection of essays speaks to us actively. It gives us unprecedented insight into the world of the Indiana Department of Correction's Commissioner. His work is a living history, and he is undoubtedly the only Commissioner in the history of the I.D.O.C. to publish his experiences." -Dr. William Hinkle, "Foreword"

Table of Contents

Introduction: Ed Cohn
Chapter 1: Parole
Chapter 2: Indiana State Prison
Chapter 3: Indiana Reformatory
Chapter 4: Correctional Industrial Facility
Chapter 5: Boy's School
Chapter 6: State Housing
Chapter 7: Media
Chapter 8: Indiana General Assembly
Chapter 9: Undesirable Staff
Chapter 10: Sentencing Laws
Chapter 11: Inmate Programs
Chapter 12: Idle Status
Chapter 13: Correctional Administrators
Chapter 14: Text from Training Tape
Chapter 15: Treatment for Mentally Ill Offenders
Chapter 16: Capital Punishment: The Steven Judy Execution
Chapter 17: Professional/Recreational Activities
Chapter 18: Lawsuit: French vs. Owens
Chapter 19: Smoking Cessation Address
Chapter 20: Decision Making Model
Chapter 21: I.C.A. Regional Meeting-"Future of Corrections"
Chapter 22: Unions
Chapter 23: Litigation and Lawyers
Chapter 24: Employee Homicide
Chapter 25: Juveniles: Causation and Cure
Chapter 26: Juveniles and Drug Use
Chapter 27: High Profile Inmates
Chapter 28: Emergency Response Operations
Chapter 29: ASCA
Chapter 30: New Castle Correctional Facility
Chapter 31: Super-Max Concept

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