Hymns and Sabbath Liturgy for Morning and Evening Prayer of Isaiah Shembe's Amanazarites

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This is the fifth and final volume of the Sacred History and Traditions of the amaNazaretha series published by The Edwin Mellen Press. All five volumes were translated from the Zulu by Dr. Hans-Jürgen Becken at the request of his friend, Bishop Johannes Galilee Shembe (1904-1975) and approved by his successor, Bishop Amos Shembe (1907-1995). Like the earlier volumes in this series, the present book contains texts that are part of a common amaNazarite tradition preserved by Bishop J.G. Shembe and handed down to all members of the amaNazarite movement.


"In rescuing the original manuscript of this important text from Dr. Becken's private archive, where it was languishing due to the onset of Alzheimer's disease, making it impossible for Dr. Becken to complete the work himself, Dr. Heuser has made a great contribution to the scholarship and our understanding of both African religion and society. We trust that the publication of these Hymns, alongside the other books in this series, will revitalize the study of African religions in colleges and universities throughout the English-speaking world and launch a new era of scholarship." - Professor Irving Hexham, University of Calgary, Canada

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