Story of Isaiah Shembe. Book 2

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This collection consists of translations of the first printed form of the church’s teachings and practices - the original ‘protoscriptures’ dictated by the Nazarite founder Isaiah Shembe and his successor JG Shembe, as assembled and issued for catechetical purposes by the Church archivist, Petros Musawenkosi Dlomo. Included are excerpts from Dlomo’s biographical portrait of the founder drawn from oral and written sources.
Table of contents:
Part I - The ‘Grave Book’ of Isaiah Shembe (Counsels, Prayers, Parables, Letters, Marriage)
Part II - The ‘Revived Law’ of Johannes Galilee Shembe (Maidens and Marriage, Funerary, ‘Reminder of the Statute’, Catechism of the Nazarites, Baptismal Catechism, Catechism of Holy Communion)
Chapter excerpts from the biographical ‘Book of the Birth of the Prophet Shembe’
7 appendices (including apocryphal protoscriptures), and facsimile pages from the original Zulu text.


"An excellent collection of texts." - The International Journal of African Historical Studies

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