Human Sex Change and Sex Reversal Transvestism and Transsexualism

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Over a period of forty years, Dr. Carlisle has examined and interviewed several thousand sexually dysphoric persons, transsexuals and transvestites. This book provides an analysis of the mass of data resulting from this work, illustrated by verbatim accounts.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. Human sexuality and human sex change: male to female change; Aristotelian sex; chromosomal sex and genetic sex; gonadal sex; apparent sex and legal sex; endocrine or hormonal sex; functional sex; mental sex; Deborah's own account; a successful female transsexual conversion; sex reversal
2. Hermaphroditic and pseudohermaphroditic states in man; castration: hermaphrodites; possession three chromosomes; men with an extra Y chromosome; women with an extra X chromosome; persons with two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome; a bilateral hermaphrodite; gynaecomastia; pseudohermaphroditic states in man; a male pseudohermaphrodite; a female pseudohermaphrodite; multiple sex chromosomes in pseudohermaphrodites; congenital adrenocortical hyperplasia; castration and eunuchs; consequences of castration; circumcision and related interventions; female circumcision, infibulation or clitoridectomy; second circumcision, subincision or subcision; peotomy; pregnancy in men
3. Transvestism: under-dressing; compulsive under-dressing; ritual transvestism; compulsive transvestism; fetishism; fetishistic transvestism; heterosexual (non-fetishistic) transvestites; Donald, a heterosexual transvestite; homosexual transvestites; drag queens; Amber's own account; homosexual transvestites who wish to be taken for women; bisexual transvestites; conclusions
4. Transvestite Prostitution: transvestite streetwalkers; Monica, the Vietnamese transvestite whore; transvestite escort services; a client of a transvestite escort service
5. Transsexualism: male transsexuals; Dorothy's story; the other end of the spectrum
6. The Obsessive Nature of Transsexuals' Desires
7. Shamans, Witch doctors and Transsexualism: North America; a Soul-flier of the American Southwest; Africa; Za-Kwe's story
8. Coercion to Change Sex: enforced sex change of athletes
9. Transsexual Prostitution: a transsexual prostitute and whoremaster of transvestite prostitutes; Grace's own story
10. Endocrine Controls of Transsexuals: Psychotherapy: the Orgasm of Male Transsexuals: treatment of the female transsexual; hormonal treatment of the male transsexual; psychotherapy for transsexuals; the nature of the orgasm experienced by former transsexuals
11. Surgical Aspects of Sex Reassignment: mayhem; prerequisites for surgery; nature of the surgery in changing a man into a woman; nature of the surgery used in transforming a woman to a man; costs of surgery
12. Castration of Transsexuals Before Puberty: Belinda's own account; sex differences in the human voice
13. Transsexuals and Transvestites in Myth and History
14. Conclusions about Human Sex Change: Causes of transvestism and transsexualism
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