One Hundred Year History of Women’s Sports at the University of Nebraska. From Nineteenth- Century Victorian Physical Education to the 1972 Title IX Act

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“Lowenthal’s monograph on the rivalry between Mabel Lee and Louise Pound at the University of Nebraska, fills an important void in the current scholarship on the history of women in intercollegiate athletics and physical education. In many ways, these two women, though they took a decidedly different approach to women’s athletics, were pioneers in the area of women’s physical education.”
-Dr. Jeanne T. Heidler,
Professor of History, Chief American History Division,
United States Air Force Academy


“It is for this exciting story that I invite readers to open the pages of this book. Here they will find a careful reconstruction of a moment in American history in which the future direction of women’s sports hung in the balance…”
-Dr. Benjamin G. Rader
James L. Sellers Professor of History, Emeritus,
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

“What most impresses me about this book is its ability to take a fairly narrow debate between officials at one university and turn it into a national story. Sometimes local history can lose an appeal to a wider audience, but this book should appeal to those interested in a wide variety of topics, including American history of that era, the history of higher education, sports history, and gender history.”
-Dr. Michael Neiberg,
Professor of History,
US Army War College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Benjamin G. Rader
Chapter 1: Mable Lee and Her Noncompetitive Sport Philosophy
-Victorian Social Norms
-Lee’s Youth
-Discovering Physical Education
-Boston Normal School of Gymnastics
-Views against Men’s Intercollegiate Sports
-Her First Department
-Noncompetitive Philosophy
-New Departments
-Organizations against Intercollegiate Athletics
-Play Days
-Guidance for Other Physical Educators
Chapter 2: Louis Pound and Her Competitive Drive
-Pound’s Youth
-Golf and Other Sports
Teaching Career
-Rapport with Students and Teachers
-Concern with Women
Chapter 3: Mabel Lee, Louise Pound, and Discord on Campus Early Days in the Women’s Physical Education Department
-Public Opinion
-Lee’s Arrival at the University of Nebraska
-Meeting with Opposition
-Clash over Basketball
-Spectator Sports
-Ina Gittings
-Professional Competition
-Title IX
-Dedication to the Cause

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