Huguenot Politics: 1601-1622

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Using the procès-verbal, or proceedings of their national assemblies, this study traces the political evolution of the Huguenots in the first two decades of the seventeenth century. It determines why a segment of the Huguenot population became so alienated from French society that it ultimately chose to challenge the crown in a war that ended Huguenot politics.

". . . the book provides a highly detailed narrative of their organization, operation, and the political issues they faced. A number of interesting insights emerge . . . Appendixes list deputies-general, rotating leaders of the assembly of La Rochelle (1621-22), and delegates attending each assembly. Recommended for specialists." - Choice


"Scholars will find his appendices tabulating leaders and members of the assemblies helpful, while students can profit from this study's lucid overview of meetings that reflected rather than altered the decline of the French Reformed movement after the Edict of Nantes." - Religious Studies Review

"Valone argues that one is able to discern among the Huguenots a marked shift in power away from the moderate or more pragmatic leaders who had some stake in the existing social and political structures toward a coterie of radicals who were marginalized by the social and political changes associated with royal absolutism. . . Scholars of early modern France will find Valone's examination of Huguenot political struggles a valuable introduction to the topic. . . " - Sixteenth Century Journal

"In telling this story Valone gives the Huguenot general assemblies the prominence they deserve in the political history of France. As a result, this is a book of profound importance not only to specialists in French Protestant history. It also belongs on the bookshelf of every scholar interested in the history of absolutism and state-building in Bourbon France, and anyone interested in the fate of representative institutions in the early modern period. . . . this book is the impressive result of careful and patient research. It definitively replaces Anquez's classic two-volume study of the Huguenot assemblies. By including some additional perspectives, it will be a lasting contribution to our understanding of the fate of the Protestant community in France." - Arthur Herman

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