How the Holy Spirit Guides Believers' Interpretation of the Scripture: A History of Hermeneutics from the Church Fathers to Today

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This is an oversized (8x10), softcover book. "This thesis examines the history of hermeneutics, establishes the "Spirited Hermeneutic", provides insight into modern interpretation of scripture, examines Jesus' view of scripture and interpretation as the first practitioner of the Spirited Hermeneutic; undertakes the examination of both the Holy Spirit as the "bearer of meaning", and the community as an "arbiter of meaning. " -From the author's summary

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction and Orientation
Chapter 2: Reflection on the Spirited Hermeneutic
Chapter 3: The History of Hermeneutics
Chapter 4: Modern Interpretations of the Scripture
Chapter 5: Jesus' Interpretation of Scripture
Chapter 6: The Spirited Hermeneutic
Chapter 7: Community as Arbiter of Meaning
Chapter 8: Conclusions and Implications

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