How Shall We Teach English to Non-English Speaking Children. A Case Study of Dennis Parker’s Strategic Schooling Model

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This book on organizational change and strategic schooling for English Language Learners, offers a model for students and teachers in an environment of changing student needs, and divided opinion on how best to educate our English Language Learners. Research shows that educating students who are not fluent in English is a continuing challenge in our schools.


“Ramirez’s study tells a success story. At the heart of her work is a comprehensive documentation and analysis of the Strategic Schooling Model implemented in a rural, elementary school in Northern California, from the perspectives of the administration, teachers and parents along with extensive observation of classroom activities. This tactical intervention model utilizes four components necessary for success when working with English Language Learners-collaboration, targeted goals, feedback and data-driven decisions. Ramirez postulates that in order for this model to be successful, the process mush include an active partnership between students, teachers, administrators and parents. Effective implementation depends on mutual trust, shared confidence, and frequent communication among faculty and administrators.” – Prof. Patricia Turner Mitchell, University of San Francisco

“ . . . provides a holistic framework from which organizational change can be embraced within school districts who struggle to raise the academic achievement scores of its English Language Learners.” – Dr. Lily Benavides, Green Energy Hispanic Education Company

“As the ethnic distribution of students in classrooms across America diversifies, Ramirez’ book will prove an invaluable resource for parents, teachers, and administrators whose target goal is to improve the Academic Performance Index scores of English Language Learner students and close the achievement gap between economically advantaged and economically disadvantaged students.” – Prof. Lois Merriweather Moore, University of San Francisco

Table of Contents

Foreword by Patricia Turner Mitchell, Ph.D.
1. The Research Problem
Statement of the Problem
Background and Need for the Study
Purpose of the Study
Research Questions
Theoretical Foundations
Definition of Terms
Significance of the Study
2. Review of Related Literature
Strategic Schooling Model
Best Practices for Classroom Effectiveness
Closing the Achievement Gap
Teacher Training
Effective Teaching Strategies
Challenges for English Language Learner Students
Organizational School Reform
School Reform
Organizational Change
3. Research Methodology
Restatement of the Purpose
Research Design and Methodology
Research Setting
Population and Sample
Research Question One
Research Question Two
Research Question Three
Data Collection
Data Analysis
Interview Questions
Research Question One
Research Question Two
Research Question Three
Background of the Researcher
Protection of Human Subjects
4. Findings of the Study
Profiles of Teacher Participants
Profile of the Administrator
Profiles of Parent Participants
Research Question One
Interview Question 1 of 5
Interview Question 2 of 5
Interview Question 3 of 5
Interview Question 4 of 5
Interview Question 5 of 5
Research Question Two
Interview Question 1 of 7
Interview Question 2 of 7
Interview Question 3 of 7
Interview Question 4 of 7
Interview Question 5 of 7
Interview Question 6 of 7
Interview Question 7 of 7
Research Question Three
Interview Question 1 of 6
Interview Question 2 of 6
Interview Question 3 of 6
Interview Question 4 of 6
Interview Question 5 of 6
Interview Question 6 of 6
Conclusions of the Findings
Research Question One
Research Question Two
Research Question Three
What Works: Actions to Date
What Is Not Working: Actions to Be Taken
Summary of Major Findings
5. Discussion, Conclusions, Implications, and Recommendations
Research Question One
Research Question Two
Research Question Three
Recommendations for Future Research
Recommendations for Professional Practices
Reflections by the Researcher
Appendix A — IRBPHS University of San Francisco
Appendix B — Permission to Use Instrument
Appendix C — Strategic Schooling On-target Check Lists
Appendix D — Letter to Administrator and Teacher Participants
Appendix E — Letter to Parent Participants
Appendix F — Spanish Release Form for Audio Tapes and Transcripts
Appendix G — English Release Form for Audio
Tapes and Transcripts

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