History of Agriculture in West Africa a Guide to Information Sources

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A bibliography on West Africa which covers the years up to 1988. Areas covered include: agricultural finance; capital; credit; agricultural labor and rural manpower; environmental economics; human resources development; agricultural products; demand, supply, and prices; land tenure; marketing; public policy and programs; technological change; and socio-economic research.


"Saha's book is an excellent source guide to the diverse literature on African agriculture, with particular emphasis on West Africa. Saha aims to assist a scholarly community interested in the teaching and research, offering them a richly annotated, well researched and well documented history of West African agriculture. . . . Saha's scholarly work is commendable, calling for a similar study to address East African agriculture. As a source book, the study is excellent . . . . useful for faculty and students interested in African economic history." -- The International Journal of African Historical Studies

". . . a tool for scholarly research in the field of agriculture as well as a teaching aid for those involved in agricultural education." - Development Studies

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