Hérold-Herz-Liszt: Cavatine de Zampa (piano solo)

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"The Herold-Herz-Liszt Cavatine de Zampa, tastefully furnished with embellishments and minor melodic deviations by Liszt is published here for the first time. Liszt almost certainly performed it in Paris in 1832 prior to the latter part of April that year, that is, before he heard Niccolo Paganini play. The material that Liszt incorporated from a two-page "Zampa" autograph correction sheet held in the Albert Schweitzer Museum, Gunsbach, Alsace, exhibits Bachian ornamentation as found in the young composer's [1827] "Allegro Maestoso" manuscript, the opening measures of his Etude in F sharp major op. 6, no. 13 (S136). Schweitzer probably received the Liszt "Zampa" measures from his old Hungarian piano teacher, Isidor Philipp, during a three-day visit to the French capital at the end of September 1949." -William Wright ("Preface")

Table of Contents

Preface, Remarks, and Notes by William Wright
Cavatine de Zampa

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