Health and Disease in the Holy Land Studies in the History and Sociology of Medicine From Ancient Times to the Present

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Chapters include: Paleopathology in the Middle East; Hygiene and Health Care in the Bible; Public Health in the Holy Land - Classical Influence and its Legacy; Health and Healing in Medieval Muslim Palestine; Disease to Death during the Crusades; Medicine in the Crusaders' Kingdom of Jerusalem; Pilgrims, Crusades and Plagues; Ottoman Palestine (1516-1800) - Health, Disease and Historical Sources; Sir Moses Montefiore and Medical Philanthropy in the Holy Land; Hospitals and European Colonial Policies in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries; Henrietta Szold - American Progressivism, Zionism and Modern Public Health; British Public Health Policy in Palestine, 1918-1947; Kupat Holim and Jewish Health Services during the Mandate; The Hadassah Medical Organization - Critical Years, 1928-1959 - Oral History Interviews with Dr. Eli Davis; The Conquest of Malaria; Judea-Samaria and Gaza - 25 Years of Changing Health, 1967-1992; Health and Disease in Israel, 1948-1994


"This rich volume is not only an important account of the pathological and healing history of the Holy Land itself, but an original contribution to our understanding of the impact on that history by a complex of international events and players. Its quality ensures its interest. It should also provide a healthy scholarly incentive for additional historical inquiries on these and related themes pertaining to the Holy Land." - from the Foreword by James H. Cassedy, Historian, National Library of Medicine

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